What’s in a name? How to research product names!

I am about to develop a new mobile app that allows you to track fuel consumption, service and repair records for your automobile(s). One of the hardest tasks in creating a new product is figuring out what to name it.

I stumbled on a really cool tool that allows you to enter a couple of words and it will give you suggestions for names. It will even query the internet to see if that name is taken, it will tell you if there are any other apps named that and it will tell you if the domain is taken.

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Panabee Business Name Ideas Tool

Website: http://www.panabee.com/ 

The tool is called Panabee. Panabee allows you to enter a couple of words and it will make suggestions. When I started out, I entered the words “auto log” and it came back with some suggestions:


From here, I could see that www.autolog.com was already taken but it suggested some available domains (www.OnAutoLog.com, www.oAutoLog.com, www.uAutoLog.com, www.AutoLogly.com, etc.).

Not only did it check the domain URL, it also checked the Apple App Store for similarly named apps (I found that AutoLog was already taken, so it was not a good fit):


It also searches Google to see if that name appears. If it does, the name may be trademarked or have a copyright:

Panabee Google search

It also provides some related terms to give you ideas about other names you might consider:

Panabee Related Names

What Name did I Come Up With?

I found several candidate names but I am not fully happy with any of them so I will continue experimenting with the tool as more ideas come to me.  Here are some possible candidates:

  • aDipStick
  • VehLog or Veh Log
  • iAutoLog
  • MaintAuto or Maint Auto
  • AutoPup or Auto Pup
  • AutoToad or Auto Toad
  • AutoHist or Auto Hist
  • EZAutoLog or EZ Auto Log
  • StickyAuto or Sticky Auto
  • AutoAppy or Auto Appy
  • AppyAuto or Appy Auto
  • AptlyAuto or Aptly Auto
  • Autopoz
  • Autoista
  • Autobity

Do any of the ones above appeal to you? I kinda like “Appy Auto” but I am not sold on it yet.  Let me know what you think!

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