aMemoryJog Free Password Manager is now available in the Apple App Store

For those of you following my blog, you know that I’ve been working on a password manager app called aMemoryJog. I am happy to say that after almost a year of development and testing, it is now now available in the Apple App Store! We have both a free and paid version of the app, you can download them here:

These work with both iPhone and iPad. The web edition works with any PC or Mac. How does it work? Watch this quick video to see how it works.

Why do you need a Password Manager App?

I bet you have lots of passwords and keeping track of them can be difficult. Maybe you are keeping your passwords in a spreadsheet or written notebook that can easily be stolen. Or you may be keeping the same password on every website. If someone learns that password, they will have access to all of your secure websites.

aMemoryJog - Best Password Manager for iPhone

Using a password manager app like aMemoryJog safeguards your passwords with 256-bit encryption (like most banks). It stores the website address for each website userid / password you use and will auto-fill the stored userid and password when you go to that website. That way you can create really strong passwords for each website but not have to remember them.

aMemoryJog Password Manager Web and iPhone editions

aMemoryJog Web and iPhone editions

What if my iPhone is Stolen?

Last year, over 3.1 million smart phones were stolen and an alarming number of them did not have a passcode. If your phone is stolen and your passwords are stored in a spreadsheet or notes area on the phone, your passwords are at risk of being compromised.

A while back, I was at the gym and left my iPad on a bench for a couple of minutes. When I returned, it was gone. For days I worried about someone logging into my secure websites and it made me think that there must be some way to protect them.

aMemoryJog will do that. If you are using aMemoryJog on your iPhone and it is lost or stolen, you can log into the aMemoryJog web site and remotely shut down the aMemoryJog password database that’s on your phone. When the thief tries to log in, it detects it has been stolen and erases all of the passwords from the app.  See this video to see how it works.

Can I ask a big Favor?

Now that aMemoryJog is in the Apple App Store, can I kindly ask that you download the free edition here?

Reviews can really help an app do well in the app store. If you like the app, can you leave a review in the app store? If you don’t like it, send me an email ( and let me know what you dislike about it so I can fix it.

If you like the free app so much that you would like to upgrade to the paid (Pro) edition, wait until Thursday March 26, 2015 — I am going to offer it for half price for 30 days (it will be $4.99 instead of $9.99).  Here are the advantages of upgrading to the Pro edition:

  • No Ads – The pesky ads go away
  • Recycle Bin – You can un-delete any deleted records
  • Backup and Restore – Safeguard your passwords by backing them up to the cloud
  • Free web edition – You can access the web edition for free
  • Remote Self Destruct – Wipe out your passwords if your phone is lost or stolen
  • Being Cool – It’s cool to support our hard work

Thanks so much for following my journey as I developed and release the app. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think about the app!

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