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Appreneur Handbook by Charlyn Keating

Although I’m retired from the corporate life, I create mobile apps as my side hustle.

Creating a mobile app does not require that you know programming but it does require that you understand the app market, how to drive downloads, and how to make your app easy to find in the app store.

I’m excited to tell you about a new book that just hit the Amazon bookstore yesterday. It is by a fellow appreneur, Charlyn Keating.

Charlyn interviews the top app entrepreneurs (appreneurs) and pulls all of their advice into easily digestible content that educates you on all of the ins and outs of mobile app development and marketing.

Oh, did I mention the book is free through Monday, August 24? If you’re reading this after Monday, it’s worth the cost because it is 147 pages of how-to advice from the top appreneurs.

I personally helped Charlyn edit the contents of the book, so I can highly recommend it if you are interested in app development.

Get the book here: The Appreneur Playbook: Game-Changing Mobile App Marketing Advice from the Pros

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6 thoughts on “Get a free copy of the Appreneur Playbook

      1. Chris

        Thanks for your response. I’m from Singapore.
        The link redirects to the Amazon page where It says “This title is not currently available for purchase”
        Will send you a screenshot later. Cheers.


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