26 thoughts on “5 Budgeting Tips for September

  1. Mrs. Crackin' the Whip

    All excellent advice! Speaking of rims, one of Mr. Crackin’s childhood friends (not a teen) dropped by a few months ago and was showing off his financed rims. I was shocked because I had no idea financing rims was a thing! While I was washing the car this weekend and cleaning off the build up and brake dust on the rims, I started thinking about that.

    Why in the world would one finance something that is going to get that dirty and nasty is beyond me!

  2. Ali @ Anything You Want

    These are great tips! I think that having a buffer or “contingency,” as I liketo call it, is essential. Something unexpected is always going to pop up, but if you anticipate that expense then you won’t be upset about missing your budget time and time again.

  3. TheMoneyMine

    Great points there.
    In addition to the concept of allowance, I know how much I need to spend in a given month to reach my savings rate objective. I divide this by 4 and I roughly know how much I should have been spending at the end of each week and whether I’m on track or not to reach my monthly goal.
    My wife does the same thing so eventually we know what to expect at the end of the month.
    That might be the equivalent of a self-imposed allowance.

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