App Review: Fitness Buddy

Today’s app review is for the Fitness Buddy app. Whether you workout in a gym or if you have a home gym, workout routines can get stale. With Fitness Buddy , you can  quickly create new workout routines to keep your workouts fresh and fun.

What Fitness Buddy Is

The Fitness Buddy app is all about improving your fitness. It allows you to build a custom workout routine for specific body parts and for different fitness levels. When you start, you can choose  beginner, intermediate or advance levels workouts or you can choose a workout to support a specific goal (like weight loss or improved muscle definition).

Choose your fitness level with Fitness Buddy

It then creates an exercise routine based on your criteria and shows you each exercise in the routine. If you don’t like a specific exercise, you can easily change to one you enjoy.

Fitness Buddy creates exercise routines by body part

One the coolest features is the instructional video. For each exercise, it provides an animation that shows you exactly how to perform it.

Fitness Buddy has instructions for each exercise

Who Made Fitness Buddy

Azumio Inc. is the developer of Fitness Buddy. Azumio is headquartered in Palo Alto, California and is the leading app developer for fitness mobile apps. With over 70 million downloads to date, Azumio is dedicated to the improvement of people’s health and livelihood by influencing healthy behavior through the use of innovative mobile applications.

Why Fitness Buddy is Awesome

Fitness Buddy is awesome because it does not matter if you go to a gym to workout or workout at home, you can easily find a workout routine that you will enjoy. And you can rotate the routines monthly to keep the workouts fresh and fun.

Download for iPhone  |  Android

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