App Review: aMemoryJog Password Manager App

Today’s app review is for the aMemoryJog password manager app. If you’re like me, you probably have tons of information that you use from time-to-time that are important yet easy-to-forget. Stuff like account numbers, WiFi codes, loyalty account numbers can be put into aMemoryJog and you can whip out your phone and quickly find any information.

What the aMemoryJog Password Manager App Is

First, full disclosure. Unlike the other apps on the Cool Apps section of this blog, I designed and created the aMemoryJog  password manager app so this review may seem a bit biased. However, I created the app because I wanted a more affordable way to store easy-to-forget info, so on with the review.

The aMemoryJog  password manager app is all about securely organizing information that’s easy-to-forget. For example, we have a storage unit where we store some stuff for a house we are building. The code to enter the storage unit is long and is not memorable. I put that code into aMemoryJog and when I am at the unit, I simply whip out my phone to recall it.

aMemoryJog Password Manager App

Using it for storage codes is just an example. I use it for tracking VIN and tag numbers for my automobiles, banking codes, software license codes and much more. I use it so much, I wrote a blog about how using it is like using a Swiss Army knife.

My son is in college and he swears by it — he uses it to track all his passwords and school information. Lots of others like it as well, about 1,000 new users come on board every month.

aMemoryJog - Best Password Manager for iPhone

One the coolest features is that it works as an app for the iPhone but also has a web edition so if you are at your computer, you can quickly pull up your information using your web browser. But if you’re away from your computer, you can pull out your phone and see the same information because it seamlessly syncs together.

aMemoryJog Password Manager Web Edition

Who Made aMemoryJog

Yours truly made the aMemoryJog password manager app under my company name Flip Flop Software. Hey, I live at the beach and rarely wear shoes so my company is aptly named.

Why aMemoryJog is Awesome

I wanted to offer an alternative to the big password managers (you know them: 1Password, Dashlane, Keeper, etc.). Those are all great apps but here’s how aMemoryJog is different:

  • There is a totally free edition that works well for lots of people. The free edition is not limited by the number of items than can be stored, however, it does not sync with the web edition unless you purchase the paid edition.
  • The competitors tend to get pricey. If you decide to purchase the aMemoryJog iPhone edition, you get a free 1-year subscription to the web edition. Likewise, if you buy a 1-year subscription to the web edition, you get the iPhone edition for free. The competitors normally charge you for the web edition separately and the cost is normally much higher.
  • The aMemoryJog password manager app has a recycle bin, so if you mistakenly delete an item, you can restore it. None of the competitors have that feature.
  • The aMemoryJog password manager app has a remote self-destruct feature. God forbid, what if your iPhone gets lost or stolen, you will probably be sweating someone getting into your password manager. With aMemoryJog, if that happens, you just log into the web edition and set it to automatically wipe out the aMemoryJog data on the iPhone (which you can later restore if you buy a new phone). Pretty cool stuff.

Download FREE edition for iPhone | Download PAID edition for iPhone | Signup for Web Edition

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