3 Favorite Travel Blogs of the Week

I hope you had a great week. Since the weather’s turning colder, I thought it would be a good time to share some travel blogs, these are my favorites from this week. I hope you enjoy it, have a great weekend!

The Gorgeous McWay Falls of Big Sur in California

We visited Bir Sur, California a few years ago, but this blogger really captured the beauty of the rugged cliffs and incredible seas.  Read the full article

Travel Blogs: McWay Falls Big Sur California

Planning a Trip? Organize Your Documents!

Travel Blogs - Organize Your Documents

If you’re planning a trip out of the country, it’s wise to think about the types of documents you’ll need handy (passports, etc.). This blog talks about the documents you will need and how to safeguard them. Read the full article

Thailand’s 10 Most Beautiful Beaches

I’ve always wanted to visit Thailand, it is still on my bucket list. This week I found an article that provides a slideshow of the 10 most beautiful beaches there (#5 was my favorite).  Read the full article

Travel Blogs - Railey Bay Thailand

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