How to take Control of your Future

Ever notice how some people seem to be lucky — good things seem to attach to them like moss to trees. They seem to have great careers, exciting lives, and fulfilling relationships.

Let me let you in on a secret:

How to take control of your future

So let’s say you are not living up to your potential. Let’s say that you are not in a fulfilling career, life or relationship. How do you change your luck? Here’s how to take control of your future.

Educate yourself

A doctor can’t practice medicine without a degree and residency. If you don’t like your career, retool. Go back to school to learn a new craft and work really hard at it. Don’t quit your existing job — educate at night while still earning your day pay. Commit yourself to learning your new craft with an insatiable desire.

Work Harder than Everyone Else

Working hard brings about a lot of luck. Make it your mission to outwork everyone on your team. It doesn’t always mean working longer hours than everyone else, it means working smarter than everyone else. Be organized, learn from mistakes, find ways to make your work style more efficient, and tweak your activities until they produce bigger results.

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Make Big Audacious Goals

Make goals, big audacious ones, and see them through. Track your progress and shift gears if the goal becomes elusive. Study others that have accomplished similar goals, introduce yourself and have candid conversations with them as to how they accomplished theirs. Mimic their behavior and activities to meet your goals.

Help Others

As you begin becoming lucky through all this hard and smart work, share your success with others. Help others that have a desire to accomplish something big but just haven’t put together the pieces to make it happen. Be a mentor.


Your future belongs to you. Why not take control of your future and accomplish things you keep putting on the back burner? No more excuses, work hard and smart and get it done. If you would like to share some recent successes, tell us about them in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “How to take Control of your Future

  1. Alexander @ Cash Flow Diaries

    So true, i feel like I am a prime example of this. I work really hard and put a lot of effort into everything that I do and it seems to open up new doors and opportunities for me quite often. Definitely not luck but I could see how others would see it that way because obviously they do not know how hard of work I put into my life and everything i do.

    Good read!
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