Love Can Change the World: 6 Ways to Make an Impact in your Community

Today the Life Hacker site published a guest blog post I wrote entitled “Love can change the World: 6 Ways to Make an Impact in your Community“.  Here are the highlights of the article:

Love Can Change the World

Love can change the world

  • Understanding the needs of others
  • How to use your talents and positions of influence
  • How to conduct anonymous acts of kindness
  • How to volunteer in your community
  • How to practice daily kindness

Here is the full article, please share it with others: 

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4 thoughts on “Love Can Change the World: 6 Ways to Make an Impact in your Community

  1. LeisureFreak Tommy

    I read the post on Life Hacker and very much liked what you had to say. Especially regarding doing good acts anonymously. It seems the world is preoccupied with self promotion and outrageous acts. Shooting for YouTube videos, Selfies, Vines, etc. to go viral seems to be the goal of many. Nice reminder that we all should aspire for a higher purpose and make a positive impact to others lives.
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