8 Powerful Apps for Planning Your Retirement

Today’s blog post is from a special guest, Davis Miller. Davis is a regular contributor at many sites and mainly focuses on business related topics. He works for a site http://www.synaptic.co.uk/ offering financial research tools for financial service advisers. So without further adieu, here is his article for planning your retirement:

The days of one job for life are generally disappearing. Easier mobility, job prospects and the ability to communicate across the world in seconds has changed the way many people live and work. This will often mean that as you approach retirement you will have a selection of different funds.

This can make it extremely difficult to track your money and know what you have available to live on whilst you are retired. However, it is possible, with the aid of a few apps to know exactly where your funds are and what they are doing; at any time of the day or night. The following apps were ideally created for retirees who want to ease their job at living their lives as they get closer to retirement:

Planning your Retirement with RetirePlan

This app will cost you $4.99 and is designed for the iPad. Once it has been downloaded it will provide you with accurate information regarding the state of your retirement funds and for planning your retirement. You will need to enter a few details into the app and then you can adjust the scenarios easily using slider bars.

Retire Plan - App for Retirement


iFinance is a useful app designed for the iPad, iPhone and even the iPod Touch. It costs $0.99. You can enter a huge amount of detail regarding your current finances and it will calculate an accurate picture of your retirement situation. It even calculates compound interest on your savings and investments to aid in planning your retirement.

iFinance - Retirement Planning

Early-Retirement Forum

This app is completely free and works on any cell phone. It is a gateway to an online forum where you can meet thousands of other people who are either retired or working towards their retirement. Early-Retirement Forum is an excellent opportunity to swap stories, tips and inspire each other and can be a helpful aid in planning your retirement.

Early Retirement Forum - Retirement Planning

Retirement Planner

This app is designed to run on an Android phone and is free. It will allow you to drill into any pension scheme and assess your current saving levels; how they will affect your retirement and how your employer’s contributions are building. Retirement Planner can even help you to decide which type of IRA is right for you.

Retirement Planning

Retire Logix

This free app is designed for your iPhone and will provide you with pictures, in graph form, of your retirement plan. This can make it very easy to follow and to understand the impact of any changes to your savings plan and can aid in planning your retirement.

Retire Logix - Planning for Retirement

Military Retirement

As its name suggests Military Retirement is designed to assist all service personnel; whether current enlisted or retired. It costs $3.99 but it will enable you to see all your military benefits and how they will affect your retirement status. It can calculate your retirement pay accurately based on your length of service, rank and your expected date of retirement.

Military Retirement - Planning your Retirement


This app will allow you to see your savings progress and the amount of income you need to dedicate to saving to ensure your retirement goals are reached. MyNestEgg includes any savings or investment pots you already have in place.

MyNestEgg - Planning your Retirement

YouNeedaBudget (YNAB)

This app is designed to assist you with creating the right budget to make your retirement dreams possible. YouNeedaBudget will allow you to calculate your current spending habits and where you can make adjustments to improve your disposal income and reach your retirement goals.

You Need a Budget - Planning your Retirement


There are lots of apps out there meant to help you keep your life and finances organized. If you’re close to retirement and you want to be safe that your money will be enough to live comfortable, then the above mentioned apps will surely help you out. In case you’re not an internet guru, ask a financial advisor more about risk management software, apps and tips on what you can do to not have to worry about money in your 70s.

By Davis Miller and Synaptic.co.uk!

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2 thoughts on “8 Powerful Apps for Planning Your Retirement

  1. Brian @ debt discipline

    A great rundown of some useful apps. So important to not only be thinking short term (monthly budget) but longer term (net worth) to get a handle on you big financial picture. I recently started using personal capital and find it helpful in planning.


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