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App Review: Golf GPS

Today’s app review is for the Golf GPS app. I have been using this app since October 2013 and it tracks my golf scores, handicap, and provides statistics that show what my average strokes are on a specific hole on a specific golf course.

What Golf GPS Is

The Golf GPS app is all about improving your golf handicap. It tracks scores, handicap and provides statistics for each hole played. You can even track how many times you hit the fairway on your drive, how often you 3-putt and other interesting stats.

Golf GPS golf stats

But I think the best feature is the GPS. You simply walk up to your ball, tap the hole on the score card and it shows you the distance to the pin. It also shows you distances to specific areas of the fairway (like distance to a stream or other impediment).

Golf GPS yardage

To get started, you simply download it, tap Courses then it will show you all the golf courses in near you. Once you find the one you are about to play, tap to Download the score card. Once you have downloaded the score card once, you never have to do it again.

Golf GPS scorecard

Once you have the course score card downloaded, simply tap Rounds to start tracking your score. You can track scores for yourself and for others.

Who Made Golf GPS

StrackaLine is the developer of Golf GPS. StrackaLine was founded in 2007 by father and son, Jim and Chase Stracka. Both are avid golfers and set off on the project to combine their expertise in technology with their passion for the game of golf.

Why Golf GPS is Awesome

Golf GPS app is awesome because you can keep all of  your golf rounds in a single app, allowing you to go back and see what you’ve scored over the past year or so. But even more impressive is the GPS. It’s great to simply walk up on your ball and know exactly how far it is to the pin.

Download for iPhone

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