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App Review: Any.do To-Do List & Task List

Today’s app review is for the Any.do app, the premier to-do and task list manager. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed with your endless list of things to do — Any.do really helps out.

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What Any.do Is

The Any.do app lets you organize to-do and task lists. When you first install it, it asks you what you would like to organize.

Any.do Organize

Once you choose your categories, you can then add your to-do list. As you add them, you can quickly mark them as completed by swiping right. You can also reorganize tasks by dragging them to the order you desire.

Any.do To Do List

If you would like to share a list with someone else, you simply add them as a sharer. Imagine that you and your spouse are grocery shopping and you want to split up the duties of getting groceries. You could make a list, share it with your spouse, and each of you can see as the other crosses items off the list.

Any.do Shared Lists

Who Made Any.do

Any.DO was founded in 2010 by Omer Perchik, Yoni Lindenfeld & Itay Kahana. Frustrated by the inefficiency of the available tools to actually help organize his life, Omer was inspired to do something about it. His goal was to create a tool to simplify the way people organize their lives, to allow them more time for fun. He really hit the mark with Any.do.

Why Any.do is Awesome

The simplicity of the user interface is what makes Any.do so awesome. For example, to add a new item, you swipe down. To complete an item, you swipe right. To get rid of completed items, you shake your phone and the app exclaims “WOW!“. Very cool.

Download for iPhone  |  Android

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