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Next App Development Project: Count Us Down

Now that my first app, aMemoryJog Password Manager is live in the app store, I am on to my next app project.  My next app is called Count Us Down, it allows you to count down the days to your next big event — vacation, sporting event, or family outing. You can even count down to really big life events like a graduation or retirement.

Many of you mentioned that it would have been great to have an Android or Windows phone version of aMemoryJog. I am using a different technology for the Count Us Down app so it will be very easy to create iPhone, Android and Windows phone versions of the Count Us Down.

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Sneak Peak of the Count Us Down App

Below is the screen design for Count Us Down:

Count down to your big events

Please Provide Feedback

I just created the website for the Count Us Down app. Please review the website at http://www.CountUsDown.com and let me know what you think about the features and if I missed anything. From here you can also sign up to be notified via email once the app is live in the app store.

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