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A Password Manager is like a Swiss Army Knife

If you’ve used a password manager app before, you probably found that it is one of the apps you use almost every day. This is especially true if you use it to store things other than passwords. I use mine to track all sorts of hard-to-remember information. Knowing that all of this information is a tap away is very calming.

Password Manager is a Swiss Army Knife

What Information do I track in my Password Manager?

I have almost 200 entries  of information stored in my password manager (aMemoryJog). Here are the number of entries per category:

  • Automobiles (5 entries) – I keep information about my cars (VIN numbers, purchase date and amount, insurance info, etc).
  • Biking (7 entries) – We own several bikes and keep track of when I bought them, how much I paid, and their serial numbers in case they are lost or stolen.
  • Blog (4 entries) – I keep track of my blog logins, email, FTP and Go Daddy account info.
  • Business (30 entries) – When you have a business, you have a D-U-N-S number,  software for your business, websites to promote your business and all sorts of other miscellaneous info. All of this can be tracked.
  • College (15 entries) – With 2 boys in college, I have to keep track of their college website logins (so I can pay their bill), their stipends and all the contact information for their apartments (utilities, etc.).
  • Finance and Banking (17 entries) – With multiple bank accounts, credit card accounts, paypal accounts for all my family members, it can get out of control. By tracking them in aMemoryJog, all of that info is at my fingertips.
  • Healthcare (2 entries) – I keep track of my healthcare logins, doctors, etc. here.
  • Housing (20 entries) – I keep logins for my utilities, TV, and other secure sites. I also track contacts for maintenance (like air conditioning and other sundry contractors), property tax info, HOA information and lots more.
  • Recipes (12 entries) – I am learning to cook and having my favorite recipes at my fingertips keeps me from bugging my wife about how to cook a specific dish.
  • Software (45 entries) – I have all types of software (MS Office, Photoshop, etc.) and keeping track of their serial numbers would be insane without aMemoryJog.
  • Volunteer (5 entries) – I like to volunteer at places like Habitat for Humanity and keeping track of my contacts are important.
  • Wallet (45 entries) – This covers anything I used to keep in my wallet. Things like airline reward numbers, car rental numbers, driver license info, hotel reward cards, passport numbers, and other reward programs.
  • Watch (1 entry) – I bought a cool watch a while back but setting the time is difficult to do. So I put instructions in aMemoryJog, now I can do it quickly.

As you can see, I use aMemoryJog a lot! What things do you track in your password manager?

aMemoryJog Password Manager

If you would like to download a free copy of aMemoryJog, click here.

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