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Benefits of Volunteering (5 Surprising Benefits)

This year, what if we did away with our old notions of New Year’s resolutions. You know the ones: losing weight, reading more, exercising more. What if this year we decided to do something impactful to other people’s lives? Volunteering may be the answer.

Benefits of Volunteering

There are many benefits of volunteering but here is my list of the top ones:

Volunteering is Good for Organizations

There are many organizations set up to help others. Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, and YMCA are just a few. These organizations make huge contributions and are impactful to other people’s lives. Many times these organizations are understaffed. By volunteering with one or more of these organizations, you can help them to keep their legacy of giving strong.


Aids People in Need

People in need are the reason these organizations exist. From natural disasters to homelessness, volunteering provides direct relief to people in need. When you help someone directly, you gain a feeling of deep satisfaction.

Volunteering can be fun

Meet New People

As you volunteer, you naturally meet new people with similar goals and aspirations as your own. These encounters can lead to lasting friendships.

Volunteering Teaches You New Skills

When you volunteer, you learn new skills. Clerical skills like bookkeeping and event management can help you in your own personal life. Leadership skills can be honed by organizing events and delegating tasks. Volunteer organizations like Habitat for Humanity teach woodworking and home building skills that can be invaluable in your daily life.

Volunteering can be impactful

Volunteering Feels Good

By volunteering, you get a major endorphin rush as you see how your help directly impacts others. It helps build self-confidence and gives you a better sense of being.


Volunteering can be a great New Year’s resolution. Do you have a favorite organization to volunteer with? If so, leave us a comment below.

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