Using Self-Destruct to erase passwords for your lost or stolen iPhone

Great news: The password management app (aMemoryJog) that I’ve been working on for the past year has just been approved by Apple for the App Store. It will be released to the App Store on March 18, 2015.

Using the Self-Destruct Feature

As we prepare for the launch, thought I would share one of the unique features of aMemoryJog.

A while back, I was at a health club and left my iPhone unattended for a couple of minutes. I came back and you guessed it, it was gone. All I could think about was someone logging into my secure websites with my saved passwords because I had not put a code on my phone.  Since then, I’ve learned that over 3.1 million smart phones were stolen last year so it is a large problem.

Almost a year later, I released my solution: aMemoryJog. Sure, it manages all my passwords and lets me easily log into websites, but it also has a self-destruct feature. If my iPhone is ever lost or stolen again, I can remotely shut it down and wipe out the passwords. Wanna see how that works? Click here: 

aMemoryJog - iPhone Stolen? Remotely self-destruct it

If you want to be one of the first to download aMemoryJog once it is in the App Store on March 18, 2015, click here:

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This article was brought to you by 2HourAppreneur makers of the aMemoryJog Password Manager app.

aMemoryJog: Best Password Manager

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