How to create mini-vacations for Little Cost

Traveling can be lots of fun. It allows us to experience new cultures, see new things, and we become more well rounded. Unfortunately, travel can be costly and many of us delay it because it’s just too expensive. Here are some ways to create mini-vacations for very little cost.

Let the Boss Pick up the Tab

If you travel a lot for business, you can create mini-vacations by extending your stay. Let’s say that you have a Wednesday through Friday trip to Washington D.C.  Ask your boss for 1 day off and extend your trip so that you return on Monday night. That way you can spend Saturday – Monday visiting the sites of D.C. By eliminating the airfare, it becomes much more affordable.

Mini Vacations

Use Credit Card Rewards

Most credit cards have a reward program that gives 1 to 2 points for every dollar spent. The Capital One Venture card gives you 2 points back per dollar, so it’s a good choice. You can put everything on this card — groceries, clothes, travel expenses, utility bills, hotel stays, etc. Pay the card off monthly so that you don’t build up a balance and you can use these miles to purchase airline tickets or pay for a hotel.

Mini Vacations


Each time I stay at a hotel, I book it through For every 10 times I stay in a hotel, I get 1 free night — this is an easy way to pay for lodging on your mini-vacation.

Go Somewhere Near

Many times we don’t explore sites that are in our own backyard. We live in Florida, so by just making a day trip, we can easily visit Atlanta, New Orleans, Mobile, or somewhere else near that has some fun things to do. You can plan a weekend stay, turning that mini-vacation dream into a reality. To find fun things to do in your area, check out the Road Trippers website.

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Swap Houses

If you live in a desirable area, consider house swapping. Sites like allow you to search for a place you wish to visit and swap your house with someone else. It has home swaps with exotic locations like the Caribbean, Europe, and Africa. By swapping homes, the lodging costs are free and you only have to pay for airfare. Many times they will also swap cars so that your transportation is also covered.


I hope this post has inspired you to stop procrastinating with your travel dreams — get out there and travel!

If you have travel tips, please share yours in the comments below.

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  1. Geri O'Neill

    Hi Steve. My husband and I sold our home 5 years ago and travel full time. For reviews and info, I look at and tripadvisor. But when possible BOOK DIRECTLY WITH THE HOTEL. Most have or will match the price you find elsewhere. You can find even lower prices on their site if you belong to AAA or AARP. And you earn points which lead to free nights or extra perks. With Marriott, you get free wifi. You have to pay if you don’t book with them.
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