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App Review: Road Bike by Runtastic

Today’s app review is for the Road Bike app by Runtastic. I have been cycling for recreation for a long time but 2 years ago I started making it a regular part of my exercise routine. Cycling is great for your heart and your waistline. In an hour, you can burn between 500 – 800 calories, depending on how fast you go. I have ridden a half century (50 miles) twice (once by myself and once with my youngest son).

What Road Bike Is

The Road Bike app is all about tracking your cycling rides. It tracks average speed, max speed, elevation change, calories, average pace, and more. It also uses the GPS to show your route and even records the temperature.

To get started, you simply download it, tap Session then tap Start. You can pause your ride if you stop at street crossings or if you are just taking a break. If you like to play music during your ride, you can stream your favorite playlist.

As you are cycling, it also announces your progress every mile or so (the timing is configurable). It can announce miles traveled, average speed, average heart rate, and average pace.

Road Bike App

Who Made Road Bike

Runtastic is the developer of Road Bike, they have develop lots of different fitness related apps for running, heart rate monitoring, nutrition and working out.

Why Road Bike is Awesome

Road Bike is awesome because you can keep track of all of your rides. If I ever wonder how many miles I’ve cycled in the past year or so, I can go there to see it. My history shows that I’ve logged 2,677 miles since August 2013 and went for rides 178 times. It also shows that I’ve ridden over 34,839 feet in elevation gain.

Another awesome feature is the heart rate monitoring. With an optional heart rate strap, you can monitor your heart rate in real-time. I don’t always use this feature but my wife uses it religiously.

Download It

Download for iPhone  | Download for Android

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