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Can working from Home make you Happier?

Have you ever tried working from home? Can it make you happier or will it stress you out? I’ve worked from home for many years and I definitely prefer it to going to the office. Here is why.

Less Wasted Time

You probably know people who spend an hour each way commuting each day.

Working from home

By the time you factor in a round trip, it could be 2 hours of wasted time each day. Imagine digging into your work for those 2 hours, you could accomplish a lot more and finish up sooner so that you can head outdoors and do something really fun. Working from home has its advantages.

Fitness can be part of your Day

If you’re an early riser like me, you can get started working while still in your pajamas. After you’ve worked a couple of hours, you can break for a couple of hours and enjoy some exercise. For me, it’s cycling, working out with weights, hiking, walking on the beach, or golfing.

Working from Home Allows Fitness

Once you’ve finished your exercise, you can wash up and spend several hours really heads-down on your work. You’ll come at it with a renewed state of mind. Working from home will undoubtedly be more productive.

Eliminating Time Draining Meetings

When you work in an office environment, it leads to lots of unnecessary meetings. By working from home, you can close the door, shut down your email, and work with a purpose.

Working from Home eliminates meetings

I find that I accomplish lots more when working at home than in the office because I am not constantly interrupted. When I do have virtual meetings, I limit them to 1 hour and I ensure we have clear objectives for the meeting and assignments once we leave.

Scheduling House Hold Appointments

Sometimes you need to be at home for an appointment. Whether it be meeting the cable person, waiting for a package to arrive or something similar, working from home gives you the freedom to schedule those types of appointments.

Working from Home Meet Others

If I get pulled away from my work during these appointments, I can work later that night if I need to make the time up. It provides a lot of flexibility.


Working at home can be a big improvement over working in an office. You will be more productive, more flexible, and happier. If you’ve worked at home before, please share your story in the comments below.

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Steve and his wife built a software company, sold it and retired early. Steve enjoys blogging about lifestyle freedom, financial independence, and technology. If you like this blog, subscribe here to get an email each time he posts.

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Dont Worry Be Happy

Don’t Worry Be Happy

How many times have you worried about things that never came to pass? I call these ghost worries and I’ve had my share in the past. As the Bobby McFerrin song goes “Don’t Worry Be Happy“. I have to admit, I enjoy being positive and happy. It’s much better than the alternative. Here’s how I approach it.

Be Happy Free Your Mind

Be Happy: Free Your Mind

We all get worked up about things in life. Our job is a big contributor. We think about all of the things that can go wrong with customers, peers, and management. If you are running your own business, you are probably worrying about revenue, paying your employees, the next sale, and your exit strategy.

When we built our business, I had a laundry list of things I regularly worried about that never came true. If only I would have had the fortitude to put those thoughts to the back of my mind, it would have saved a lot of strife. Fast forward 16 years after I started my business, I realize how unfounded that worry was. I am happy, it all worked out OK.

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Since then, I’ve learned to free my mind of worry. If worry begins to bottle up, here is how I address it:

  • Find a quiet spot and sit with my eyes closed
  • Focus on removing all negative thoughts, be mindful of happy thoughts
  • Stay still for 10 minutes practicing removing the negative thoughts

Be happy by hanging out with positive people

Be Happy: Hang Out with Positive People

People can bring drama into your life or they can be incredibly encouraging. Why deal with drama? Life’s too short. So how do you find people that are positive and happy? Start by being positive yourself. Here’s how:

  • When you see people, give them a smile and say hello
  • Do something special for someone without expecting anything in return
  • Listen intently when talking with friends, put your phone away
  • Provide advice when asked and be supportive
  • Be truly happy for your friends when great things happen in their life

You’ll find that the more positive energy you emit, the more that is returned to you. Before long, you will be attracting only positive people, so the negative people will simply fall by the wayside.

Be Happy and dont worry about things outside of your control

Don’t Worry About Things Outside of Your Control

We all have spears of control. For example, I can control my health by not smoking, exercising, and eating healthy. However, some things are totally outside of my control. For example, I can’t control taxes, how a particular senator votes or how a specific person feels about me (in fact, it’s really none of my business how someone else thinks of me, it’s their own personal thought that belongs only to them).

For things I can’t control, I don’t spend time worrying about them. Complaining to my neighbor or friend about taxes, the government or a rumor I heard about someone is a waste of time. I can’t change it, therefore, I’m not going to spend energy worrying about it.

Instead, I spend my time focusing on things I can control: my health, being happy, my financial situation, and my relationships. Those are things that deserve my attention.

Tell Me About Your Experiences

Drop me a comment to let me know how you’ve focused on being happy and becoming worry free. What tips have you find that worked well? How has it affected your life?

About this Blog

Steve and his wife built a software company, sold it and retired early. Steve enjoys blogging about lifestyle freedom, financial independence and technology. If you like this blog, subscribe here to get an email each time he posts.

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